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The Tongue Foundation

Our Vision

The Tongue Foundation was formed with a vision to promote the role of tongue in human body in enhancing quality of sleep, breathing, breastfeeding, oral diseases, facial esthetics, nutrition, speech and cognition.

Our Mission

  • To create public awareness on tongue function and its importance.

  • To conduct workshops and conferences to spread the knowledge and awareness on tongue functions among health care and allied health care professionals.

  • To get involved in research and development on the role of tongue on holistic health.

  • To associate with associations creating awareness on breastfeeding and educate the health care professionals on the importance of tongue in breastfeeding and the role of restrictions.

  • To be associated and be a central body to assess and accredit professional knowledge and skill in performing tongue tie procedures, in order to prevent unwanted and unhealthy tongue tie surgeries.

  • To propagate the role of tongue in healthy breathing and solutions to sleep associated obstructive breathing disorders.

  • Involving Speech and Language experts in ways to identify and intervene early for articulation disorders

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